Kiera Costa

I'm Kiera Costa, a model and adult actress (with active profiles on,, Chaturbate, and more). I'm also a world-known professional dominatrix (under a different name). 

I have an incredible, very fit slim body and an ass for days. Avid motorcycle rider/badass with a sweet side. I'm college educated, classy, charming, down to earth, non-judgmental, and easy to get along with. I'm a very open person that you can talk to without feeling judged whatsoever. I get a lot of genuine enjoyment out of what I do. I am very selective with who I see and keep a short client list.

I'm excited to have this site up to meet fans and to also meet new people in the area and hope to talk to you soon!

Name: Kiera Costa Main City: San Francisco, CA Sex: Female Sex Preference: Bi-Sexual Body Type: Thin, Petite, Spinne Measurements: 32B-25-36 Height: 5' 7" Weight: 119 lbs Race/Ethnic: White Age: 28 Availability: Incalls, Outcalls, O Eye Color: Green Hair Color: Brunette Hair Type: Straight Hair Length: Neck-Length Body Piercings: One Breast Implants: No Grooming: Bare Tattoos?: Two tasteful, discreet tattoos on back easily hidden under my braline Smokes?: No Porn Star?: Yes Likes: Excellent hygiene, respectful gentlemen, sense of humor, well-groomed, generous clients, gifts Dislikes: Poor/fair/average hygiene, bad breath, bargaining my prices, body odor, unshowered guests, arrogance, personal questions, cheap clients, cigarette smoking Accept Credit Cards: Cash only. Credit cards and online pay (via Zelle) only accepted if established/ongoing client or on celebrity/public figure accounts. Available to: Men, Couples, Bachelor Parties, Newbie, Fetish, Femdom, 18+, Teaching Primary Cities: San Francisco, Oakland, Walnut Creek, Danville Secondary Cities: Fresno, San Jose, Sacramento Tour Cities: Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Portland, Seattle, Honolulu Coming Soon To..: New York City, Washington DC, Phoenix/Scottsdale, Denver


Services I Provide:

(List is by no means exhaustive)


GFE - Outcall and limited incall regularly throughout the Bay Area, Sacramento, and Fresno

Real PSE - I am a real pornstar with official profiles on YouPorn, Xvideos, Xnxx and more.

BDSM - Pro-Domme with 6 years experience specializing in emotional BDSM (cuckold, humiliation, servitute, foot fetish, etc)

Fly Me To You - Available throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada

Touring Companion - I am tour often and visit:

Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Portland, Seattle, Honolulu, and more regularly

(Will soon be expanding to the East Coast as well)

Sugar Baby - Experience with long-term ongoing arrangements

Massage - Sensual massage (non-formal/no massage table)

Dancer - Experienced in exotic/strip dancing, bachelor parties, and go-go dancing

Model - I am an experienced and skilled professional model available for many types of jobs both adult and non-adult

Adult Actress - I am a pornstar with official profiles on PornHub, XVideos, Xnxx, and more

Events - Experience in hosting events, card dealing, surprise appearances, brand recognition, etc.

Platonic/Accompaniment - Will gladly accompany you for public events/outings

Celebrity Dates - I have seen a number of high profile clients and know how to present myself in your world

And more - If you have anything else in mind, ask. I may very well be excited to do it



A companion, such as Ms. Costa, is not a prostitute and therefore does not sell sex to her clients. Even though people often make this simple mistake the difference between a companion or escort and a prostitute must be stressed. A companion or escort simply sells the time they spend with their clients and does not charge for sexual acts. However, what happens whilst accompanied by an Escort is entirely between two or more consenting adults who share similar likes and interests.

With that said, it is very important that you do not put Ms. Costa in a position where the conversation may be misinterpreted as illegal activity. Therefore, use extreme caution when using graphic or sexual terms in any communication with her. If you ask her anything insinuating that a sexual act is for sale communication will immediately cease and you will be blacklisted. When you meet with her in person, your conversation may very well cover your likes and dislikes in your personal life as you get to know each other. However, exercise extreme caution in your choice of words during your first appointment as well. If anything is said that insinuates a sexual act is for sale, she will get up and leave without warning and any money you have put down as a deposit will be forfeited. This has never happened thus far for Ms. Costa, and she hopes it never does.



Payment should preferably be in a plain envelope (or folded in a piece of paper) and presented discreetly or set out in an open, easy to see location (such as an end table) or on the bathroom counter within 10 minutes of Ms. Costa arriving. After several minutes of introduction, she will excuse herself to count the money in private. This is nothing personal, just standard for every new client. Please do not make her ask for payment, do not hand it to her directly, and do not leave cash sitting out in the open. Please put it in an envelope or fold it in a piece of paper as described above.

Credit cards and online merchants (such as PayPal, Venmo, Square, etc.) are only accepted if you are an established client or are a celebrity/public figure.

For overnight stays or stays of several hours, a deposit will be required (generally a couple of hours fee upfront) to book.

For all incall appointments, a $200 deposit is required to book unless specifically stated in the ad that it is not required. For dates to a social function, high profile events, or any other appointment that would require preparation time, a deposit will be required, to be determined by the exact nature of the appointment.

Prices on site do not include tipping. If you feel she went above and beyond your expectations, a tip is a polite way to say thanks and is welcomed and very appreciated. This may be presented to her however you wish as you are about to leave and does not have to follow the etiquette above.

Please note, that couples are charged as two (2) separate people and the fee is double the listed rate. If one party will be having limited interaction (ie. cuckolding/cuckqueaning) this fee may be re-negotiated ahead of time. Please contact to discuss prior to appointment, however, be aware that no special rate is promised or guaranteed until explicitly agreed upon by Ms. Costa.


When you contact Ms. Costa to set up an appointment, certain steps begin in order for her to make an incredible experience for you. She executes them so flawlessly and stress-free for you that you will never even notice. However, when a cancellation happens (especially last-minute) or if a client is a no-show there can be a large financial cost to her. Therefore, all cancellations will incur a $200 cancellation fee and all no-shows will incur a fee equivalent to 1 hour of whatever service you had scheduled ($400-$500). Failure to pay this will result in you being blacklisted and you will not be able to re-schedule with her until you do.



Ms. Costa prides herself on excellent personal and dental hygiene and expects the same from her clients. You are expected to shower prior to appointment. No exceptions. If the appointment has begun and it is discovered that you have not showered, have body odor, or disruptive bad breath the appointment will be canceled and no refunds will be given. Make sure that you shower and brush your teeth thoroughly immediately prior to appointment. Ms. Costa is an extremely clean person and very picky when it comes to cleanliness.


Ms. Costa is a non-smoker and will only come to locations that are cigarette and marijuana smoke-free. If smoke is in the environment then the appointment will be canceled with no further notice. If you require an exception to this rule, please contact Ms. Costa and exceptions will be given on a case to case basis. However, keep in mind that she will not be able to go to any other appointments smelling like smoke; so if you require an exception you'll generally need to book a multiple hour or overnight appointment.

Other indulgences may be tolerated at her discretion and dependant on her comfort level. Ms. Costa is a very open-minded young woman. Feel free to ask about other indulgences once trust has been established.

It is expected that you will be the only occupant present. If there will be other people present you must make it known and get approval ahead of time. If there is someone else who regularly resides at the location (such as a roommate, wife, etc) that must be made known upfront too. It doesn't necessarily mean it's a no-go, but she needs to know about it.

Ms. Costa requires a 10-15 minute break every 2 hours during extended/overnight visits. Please do not interfere with this time and remember that, as much fun as you may be having, your appointment is work for her and she needs a break just as someone would in any other profession.


Ms. Costa's pricing is a direct relation to the level of service she provides. All prices listed are non-negotiable and any attempt to negotiate or barter after being given a quote is extremely tacky and will result in you being blacklisted. Ms. Costa commands as much per hour as some of the highest level professionals (doctors, lawyers, etc) and will treat any attempts to barter just as they would.


Ms. Costa's safety is paramount.

As such, she is often accompanied by security (ie. a driver) to appointments with new clients. This is up to her discretion and non-negotiable. If security does accompany her they will remain in the vehicle with limo tint, unseen to passerbys and will be very cautious of your need for discretion. If Ms. Costa arrives on her motorcycle or otherwise alone, be aware that for her safety she has a GPS tracker with her (accessible only by her and 1 other person) and will check in with security at pre-determined intervals throughout the appointment (accompanied or not). If you attempt to turn off or destroy her phone or GPS, or if you interfere with her checking in it will immediately signal distress to her security who will then take immediate action to ensure her safety.

Ms. Costa wishes for your appointment to be relaxed, and for both parties to enjoy each other's company. However, as a man, you are aware of how dangerous this world can be for a woman and if you are a gentleman with no intent to harm her you will understand these precautions. Ms. Costa acknowledges that in just reading this the extent of security may seem intimidating or overwhelming but assures you it will all be in the background and you'll barely notice that it even exists. As an ongoing relationship is established and trust is built you will see with time that the need for such precautions becomes unnecessary and will ease up. 




  • Wow....just wow, great session with this lady!

    Added Jan 20, 2019
    January 20, 2019 (Alameda, CA)
    Had been admiring Kiera Costa's ad's for quite some time on both Switter and PD. Struck up a chat with her on Switter and ended up emailing her my screening info. Was pretty painless and she quickly verified me. We then promptly setup a two hour outcall appointment.
    We had a little confusion on the time, but she was able to make it and I'm sure glad she did. She is tall, thin, a true beauty. Photos in her ads are absolutely her. She is not shy, easy to talk and connect with.
    I won't go into all of the details, but she has an awesome "head game" and was extremely enthusiastic throughout the session.
    Looking forward to booking a future appointment again with this classy lady.

    Thanks Kiera for a wonderful time~SF

    -SFBaySailing, PrivateDelights

  • Unbelieveable session

    Added Jan 14, 2019
    January 14, 2019 (Fairfield, CA)
    Kiera was easy to get into contact with and we set up for her to come to my place.

    She arrived later on that night and she looked absolutely amazing when I answered the door. We talked for about ten or fifteen minutes after she arrived and she made me feel really comfortable.

    We proceeded upstairs and had quite a bit of fun, she definitely did not let me down and she actually exceeded all of my expectations.

    -gofor2, PrivateDelights


    Added Dec 24, 2018
    December 24, 2018 (Los Angeles, CA)
    Reviews do not do her justice, if you want to see somebody worthwhile, YOU NEED TO SEE HER..NO DOUBT! She looks good in pictures but in person Victoria's secret model she is. One of the nicest style of person you will ever meet. This is one you do not want to pass up. She goes above and beyond. Silky smooth, beautiful eyes, simply pure beauty. Definitely the diamond in the rough. She is one person you want to get to know! Thanks again! If I was able to give 100000x stars I would!!!!!!
    -Whtboiapz, Private Delights

  • great porn star experience

    Added Nov 25, 2018
    November 25, 2018 (Sonoma, CA)
    I saw Kiera Costa's profile on private delights and i must say she was definitely worth the wait. she is incredible she arrived to my hotel and when i opened the door i was in awe. I let use the the restroom in order for her to freshen up and prepare. when she came out of the bathroom wearing her sexy outfit omg. she actually gave me a personal lingerie show which i enjoyed. this woman is truly incredible.
    -jbarragan977, PrivateDelights

  • nothing short of amazing wow

    Added Nov 24, 2018
    November 24, 2018 (Vacaville, CA)
    she is absolutely incredible the most beautiful girl I've seen in years and I've been doing this for 8 years and never found nothing like her all these young girls that are on drugs have nothing to do with this girl she is professional on time and smoking hot tight body I would marry this girl if I could but she's very down-to-earth and knows what she's doing and every way I won't go into depth because I don't want to give it away I shouldn't even do this because I want her all to myself but I'm doing this for her benefit because she's such a beautiful woman and deserve so much but she is hands-down the most beautiful sexy tight body smart woman I have met I am at a loss of words and have been for 2 days since she left wow that's all I have to say oh yeah she's prompt on time and came to my house. In the middle of the country late night with no problems because she's smart she knows what she's doing
    -Gdowntillucumplease, PrivateDelights

  • Kiera is a f**king rockstar a true PSE provider.

    Added Nov 03, 2018
    November 3, 2018 (Fresno, CA)
    You have know clue how lucky I feel right now. I just had one of those great experience we are all searching for but seldom get. Kiera is a f**king rockstar. I'm sure every body around knew exactly what we were up to. Lets just say we didn't need thin walls to be herd, LOL. Keira is the definition of a True PSE provider. She is kinky as hell, she comes dressed to impress and she is drop dead stunningly hot. I think it would be impossible to not have fun with her. Only problem with her is that with her time flew by way too fast.
    The couple of hours I spent with her felt like just a couple of minutes. I cant wait till she comes back to Fresno so I can see her again... in retrospect I think she has become my drug if choice and I am now fully addicted to her.
    -helloitschris, PrivateDelights

  • Absolutely Amazing Experience!

    Added Nov 03, 2018
    November 3, 2018 (Fresno, CA)
    Kiera is such a Gorgeous and Stunning Woman from head to toe. Had an absolutely amazing time with her! She really knows how to please and truly enjoys doing what she does. She's also got an awesome personality and felt a great connection with her. She went totally above and beyond my expectations. I am definitely going to see her whenever she travels to Fresno visit.
    -matigas1, PrivateDelights

  • Yes, Straight out of a magazine!

    Added Aug 19, 2018
    August 8, 2018 (Fresno, CA)
    I’m pretty sure that I had the pleasure of being Kiera’s first client in Fresno. Let me just say that she is so endearing that you feel a connection as though you’ve known her for many years.

    Now as for the visual rewards, they don’t get any better! She does have that Victoria Secret/Playboy Playmate look about her. But those green eyes are easy to get lost in.

    And as for Kiera’s passion for what she does....
    She absolutely loves it and it shows! Such an amazing experience I can’t stop thinking about it. The passion and skill are unreal.

    I truly hope Kiera found Fresno to be a place that she enjoys visiting. I look forward to many more amazing encounters.

  • The top

    Added Aug 09, 2018
    August 9, 2018 (San Francisco, CA)
    I feel so fortunate to have met Kiera. She’s careful about meeting new people and her screening requirements are quite involved, but my patience with the process was highly rewarded.

    Kiera is a combination of all the qualities I value in a woman. She’s positive, cheerful, happy, charming, and witty. Her ego is just big enough to be appropriate, yet she’s not arrogant or conceited. She doesn’t brag about herself although she certainly could and I wouldn’t mind. Conversation with her is easy and natural.

    Kiera’s physical beauty is show-stopping. Her face is as beautiful as any movie star’s. She’s always puts on a friendly smile to warm your heart and make you wonder what she’s thinking. Her beautiful brown hair flows gently past her shoulders to the middle of her sleek and toned back. Her body is firm and supple. She’s strong without being muscular. She’s perfectly petite.

    Kiera’s physical intimacy with me was very intense, pleasurable, and beyond exciting. She has a very high level of energy and knows how to give and receive pleasure in the most outstanding ways.

    I can’t wait to be with her again.

  • Gorgeous, skillful, and enchanting

    Added Jul 26, 2018
    July 26, 2017 (San Francisco, CA)
    So I have had a remarkable series of encounters with ladies lately, and Kiera continues this streak and moves the bar even higher. Pictures are most definitely her and current. She has a classic spinner body that I am certain draws stares wherever she goes. But the part the pictures don’t show is that her gorgeous body is dwarfed by the beauty of her face. And the crowning jewel of her stunning looks, is her lovely eyes. To be honest, I am having a hard time getting her eyes out of my mind. It took me a while to figure out why I was so enchanted by her stare, but I finally pinpointed it; she has an Anna Kendrick (pitch perfect) look to her that made me think she might break out in song at any moment lol.

    Don’t really want to go into detail about the session itself, but suffice it to say she is more fun than any girlfriend I have had, amazing experience in that regard.

    So, everything I have said so far would have landed her in the top tier of ladies I have seen and warrant a glowingly perfect review, but I haven’t even gotten to the best part about Kiera. And that is her personality. If there were an award for best personality on here, she would be a lock. Words would fail me if I tried to describe just how dynamic, warm, and friendly this lady is. I have never met anybody who engenders trust as quickly as this lady did for me. By the time the date was over, if she would have asked if she could borrow my car and bring it back in the morning, I probably would have told her the keys are in my coat pocket next to my money clip.

    Kiera is warm, genuine, transparent, and confident. A truly wonderful human being who I am now honored to know. Thanks Kiera, you got me.

  • Drop dead gorgoues and total spinner with skills!

    Added Jul 23, 2018
    July 23, 2018 (Livermore, CA)
    This one left me speechless! She honesty and truly looks like she is out of the pages of a Playboy magazine and with the exact body you would see in Playboy as well. She aims to please and is the friendliest one I have met to date. WOW.
    -dataflowcoin, PrivateDelights

  • Absolutely amazing!

    Added Jan 17, 2018
    January 17, 2018
    Not even sure where to start. Photos are real and accurate...Kiera looks amazing in person. She's very willing to consider requests for outfits or things to do during the session. As a bonus, she also gives a great back massage. This lady really loves her craft and it shows.
    -Nightshift Review

  • Run and go see her. You won't be disappointed

    Added Jan 03, 2018
    January 3, 2018
    Kiera is the total package. I've seen her multiple times now and the sessions are 10/10 every time. She is definitely the girl in the photos and the photos are recent. If you're looking for an escape from daily life this is it. The sessions are never robotic. She actually listens to your requests and tailors the sessions accordingly. I never felt rushed or disengaged. I will continue to see her as one of my regulars.
    -Nightshift Review

  • Surpassed all expectations...

    Added Nov 01, 2017
    November 1, 2017 (Walnut Creek, CA)
    I generally don't do reviews but in this instance I have changed my mind. In my opinion Kiera is a 10++"

    "Kiera is a very attractive and multifaceted young lady who is very personable and makes you feel comfortable almost immediately.
    Kiera is intelligent, engaging, very sexy and provides an awesome GFE experience.
    If you could be guaranteed all providers were like Kiera there wouldn't be a need for reviews

    I could go on but I think I have made my point...she is someone worth experiencing.
    Anyone who has the opportunity to spend some time with Kiera will want to see her again. I consider her one of my ATF's.
    -Nightshift Review

  • She's amazing..

    Added Oct 05, 2017
    Kiera is unique, kind, personable and beautiful.

    I had a wonderful time with her. She's funny, smart, interesting, and really really hot. She was everything as advertrised and then some.
    -Nightshift Review

  • Charming, down to earth, breathtaking woman!!

    Added Jul 05, 2017
    July 5, 2017 (Pleasant Hill, CA)
    I met with this provider at my home in mid June, 2017 and wow!! Just wow.

    I was a bit unsure about booking her. She has a pretty extensive booking process and can be a bit hard to get ahold of at first. She seems to be very low volume and her body reflects low mileage which made her a first class experience and above the average provider. The process to book with her was a bit invasive and made me nervous, but I'm glad I went through with it.

    She arrived at my home (about 15 mins late - no big deal) and was as sexy as in her photos, if not sexier! She arrived in a nice, newer car, looking very classy and put together to the smallest detail. She wore designer clothes and had a great sense of fashion and style. We chatted for a bit (off the clock). She was very easy to talk to and not stuck up at all. Which was surprising because from my experience a woman as hot as her knows it and is usually quite snobby, stuck-up, or brainless. But she is surprisingly charming, intelligent, and can hold a conversation. After a bit of chit chat to feel more comfortable with each other we got to business.

    Total PSE straight out of a movie/off a website. I had heard that she was open to recording the session if arranged ahead of time so I asked before we started and she agreed to let me record the session for an extra fee and definitely knew how to perform for the camera! Had a hard time making it the whole time but was so happy I spent the extra money as I have used the video many times since.

    When we were done she promptly left and I was left feeling much more relaxed. She is a bit pricy but worth every penny and is even higher quality than other women in her price range. Delivered as promised - an unforgettable experience with a model - an experience men all dream about.
    -Nightshift Review

  • A mindblowing time with a stunning model spinner

    Added Jan 25, 2017
    January 25, 2017
    No reviews so PM her asked a few questions and seeing her hot ass pic I had to TOFTT! Don't normally do that but it was the win of the year! We set up an unforgettable amazing date..opened the door and had no idea that a playboy playmate look alike was waiting behind those doors for me. I couldn't take my eyes off this centerfold! She's super chill and cool. Made me very comfortable relaxed and she smelled fcukn amazing! I wasn't expecting a hottie like her. I don't spill too many details but I have to share about this firecracker!...she's got the insane green fcuk me eyes, model face that makes you almost bust just seeing her O face, tiny tight flawless frame, I'm an ASS man so that perfect apple bottom was a sight to see over and over! Her skills are freakin mind blowing and made sure I was satisfied every possible way. What a complete surprise how this sexy ass spinner performed like she had missed me all day! Treat this gem right and I think i found my main. who doesn't want to have their own playboy playmate? I cannot wait to see this one again she is one of a kind. Wow
    -Nightshift Review


Do you do INCALLS?


Yes. they require a $200 deposit. Please do not contact me to setup an incall appointment until you are ready to pay this.

I consider hot tubs, breather room, and other hourly INCALL/OUTCALL requests on a case by case basis.

I do not under any circumstances accommodate "car dates" or anything such as that.

How do I pay for an INCALL or other deposit?

I accept payment for deposits in one of the two following ways only:

Electronically - Deposit may be paid electronically to my assistant's account via PayPal.

Cash - If you wish for there to be no record and pay cash, then there are two ways to do so using cash:

1. I accept MoneyPak which is sold at nearly all major retailers such as Safeway, CVS, RiteAid, Walgreens, 7-Eleven, Target, and more. You can go to and click on "Where to Buy" to find the location closest to you. So what you do is you go in with cash and buy one of these. They will not ask for your name or anything. You give them the cash, they give you the MoneyPak card, then you scratch off the back of the card and give me the number.

2. If you are local to the Walnut Creek area and there is sufficient time before our appointment, I can meet you briefly at a coffee shop or other public location of my choosing for a discreet handoff of the deposit. This would also allow you the unique opportunity to see me in person before the appointment, however please keep in mind the brief encounter would be solely for the purpose of providing the deposit.

Sorry, but I do not accept payment of deposits via Venmo, Square, CirclePay, Amazon gift cards, or any other method.

NOTE: Deposit will be deducted from the hourly rate and you'd just pay me the difference when we meet. 

What is the best way to contact you? May I call you?

The best way to reach me is always via text message at (925) 575-7061

Please do not blindly call me without asking first. I am 100% independent, manage myself, and answer all of my messages personally. In an effort to respond to each and every message as quickly and efficiently as possible all calls route to my personal cell and thus have the potential to disrupt me during time with my family. During the times I am not with my family I could very well be in an appointment with a client. I will never put you in an awkward position by calling you while you are with your family, nor will I ever pick up a phone call from another client during the time you are with me - so please be equally respectful.

If you wish to talk on the phone prior to the appointment please send me a text and let me know.

You may also contact me via email at, however it may not be answered as quickly as text and on rare occasions, messages do get lost in the mass of emails I receive on a daily basis. I would highly suggest sending me a text message and letting me know you've emailed me.

Can we meet briefly for coffee or cocktails, so that I can see if we get along?

Absolutely. I offer a meet and greet appointment in the Walnut Creek area at the rate of $200 for 45 minutes. This would be at a public location of my choosing and is not a normal full service appointment. It would be strictly for introduction.

Are your pictures really you?

Yes, they are. I work out on a regular basis, I go to a salon for my nails, hair, and tanning, and live a healthy lifestyle. As multiple clients have confirmed in reviews all of my pictures are of me, and all of them are recent and have little to no photo editing.

If you still do not believe it, I am happy to provide a custom photo verification or video verify using Glide once you have cleared screening.

I provide a new client with 5-10 minutes (off the clock) prior to the appointment beginning to chat with me, get a feel for my personality, and see that I am the exact woman in my ads - looks, personality, everything. (This is almost unheard of in this line of work.) If, during this time, you feel I am not accurately depicted in my ads then I will gladly leave, no hard feelings - no compensation expected. However, this has never happened, and I am told almost every single time that I am even more beautiful in real life than in my ads.

Are your rates negotiable?

No they are not.

Trying to "barter" with me over my prices is extremely tacky and offensive and will not be tolerated. I command as much per hour as some of the top paid professions (doctors, laywers, etc) and you would not ever think to do something humiliating as trying to barter with them for their prices, so please do not embarass yourself by doing it with me.

Any attempt to negotiate my clearly stated rates will result in you being immediately and permanently blacklisted.

What will you wear?
I have a phenomenal wardrobe and variety to fit any occasion. If there is something you request please let me know. You can be assured that I will be classy and never wear questionable attire.
How can I give you your donation?

Payment should preferably be in a plain envelope (or folded in a piece of paper) and presented discreetly or set out in an open, easy to see location (such as an end table) within 10 minutes of my arrival. Feel free to point it out to me if we get chatting and I don't seem to notice. I will excuse myself to count the money in private. This is nothing personal, just standard for every new client. Please do not make me ask for payment, do not hand it to me directly, and do not leave cash sitting out in the open. Please put it in an envelope or fold it in a piece of paper as described above.

Credit cards, and online merchants (such as PayPal, Venmo, Square, etc.) are only accepted if you are an established client or are setting up a new appointment as a celebrity/public figure.

Prices on site do not include tipping. If you feel I went above and beyond your expectations, a tip is a polite way to say thanks and is welcomed and very appreciated as with any service profession. This may be presented to me however you wish as you are about to leave and does not have to follow the etiquitte above.

Do you travel?
I am currently enrolled in a program of study, so please take that into account when planning travel with me. However, I do welcome travel engagements. With enough notice, I can fly to meet you anywhere. I have a US Passport, and am available for international travel. I am conversant in French, Spanish, and Italian, and am always looking for an opportunity to improve my language skills and cultural awareness.
What methods of payment do you accept?
I accept cash, wire transfers, direct deposit, and money orders/certified checks from recognized financial institutions. Established friends will be provided with further options.
Do you like gifts?
I love gifts, although they are not required or expected. If you wish to indulge me, please click here for a list of some things that will bring a smile to my face.
Would you accompany me out to dinner or a night out on the town? Would you attend a special event with me such as a fundraiser or gallery opening? Would you come with me on a business trip or vacation?
I would love to do all of these things with you. I'm educated and well traveled and I think you would enjoy bringing me along. I also dress appropriately for every occasion. Be forewarned because I will still turn the right way of course! You'll love having me on your arm!


Work With Me


Are you a fellow provider who would like to book doubles with me?

Are you a man who knows you have what it takes to make a video with me?

Are you a submissive male or female who would like to appear in a femdom video with me?

Are you a photographer who has an incredible vision for a photo shoot with me?

Are you an agency or agent that would like to represent me?


If your answer to any of these questions is yes, I would love to hear from you!


I am always looking to expand my work and reach new levels and the best way to get to the top is by joining forces with those who are on their way there.


If you think we could help each other, send me a message!

Alternatively, you may use the form below as well.


Introduce yourself, thoroughly describe what it is you'd like my involvement in, state very clearly what your limits are, what your goal is, and what sort of timeline or date you have in mind.
If you are wanting to book with me or film with me, please make sure to also send at least two (2) photos of yourself. One of your entire body, and one of your face. (Please do not send nude photos.)

Then please follow up by sending a text to me at (925) 575-7061 and letting me know you've sent an email.


I do not answer phone calls.
Please do not call me as it could interfere with my family time or work.

(925) 575-7061

No blocked numbers. No text messages.

I'm Ready to book



NOTE: A $200 deposit (that will be applied to/deducted from final price) is required to secure/confirm all INCALL appointments. It is non-refundable if you cancel. Please be prepared to pay this if requesting an INCALL.

Deposit can be paid electronically via Zelle or by cash using Moneypak which is bought at any store using cash and does not require any sort of ID. Contact for Zelle address or for more information on Moneypak. I do not accept any other form of payment for deposit.

Rate Session Service Details
$400+ USD 1hr Outcalls Local Outcalls in the Walnut Creek Area. Outside this area may incur travel fee.
$600+ USD 90min Outcalls
$800+ USD 2hrs Outcalls
$500 USD 1hr Incalls $200 deposit required
$700 USD 90min Incalls $200 deposit required
$1,000 USD 2hrs Incalls $200 deposit required
$1,500 USD 6hrs Incalls/Outcalls SPECIAL!
$2,500 USD 12hrs Incalls/Outcalls SPECIAL!


Yes, you've seen me before..


I am a well-established provider of Pro-Domme or Dominatrix services under the name Kiera Pierce or Goddess Kiera. I formerly ran

I'm not really one for the whips and chains image so frequently tied to the word dominatrix and I specialize in the emotional aspect of BDSM. Though, don't get me wrong - I do have the leather and whips.

Some of the things I'm most into and have the most experience with are humiliation, worship, cuckolding, servitude, subservience, training, findom, blackmail, tease and denial, and other similar activities.

I provide my services online and in-person.


Pricing for femdom sessions is not the same pricing and is often at a premium. Pricing varies greatly on activity requested, time, number of parties involved, etc. Generally speaking, fetish appointments start at about $600/hour. Please email (and cc for pricing and to inquire about booking a fetish session.





Click here for recent appearance on "In Bed with Dr. Sue" show on BlogTalk Radio. My part begins at approximately 1 hour and 21 minutes in. Here.